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“Before I got braces I was self-conscious about my smile. My teeth were crooked and only getting worse. I am so glad I went through this process (even as an adult) and I love my new smile! Dr.Christensen was very helpful. Every time I went in she was friendly and made sure I was happy with how the process was going. She definitely changed my smile and confidence for the better!”

-Marrisa V.

“My son, Kyran, needed to get braces because he had missing teeth in the front. Dr. Christensen was very patient-focused. I am so glad I trusted her plan, because his smile looks amazing!! Kyran now has so much confidence and loves his smile! I am so thankful we had Dr. Christensen as his orthodontist. I think she is fantastic at what she does, and of course would highly recommend her!”

-Stephanie R.

“Dr. Christensen is the epitome of a hands-on Orthodontist. Her personal touch along with her kind and encouraging words helped erase my fear of treatment. Dr. Christensen took over my treatment after a prior “Orthodontist” made a mess of my smile. Knowing how devastated I was she made it her mission to fix what had been done to me. 

I Love my smile and owe it all to Dr. Christensen and her hard work!”


“Dr. Christensen did an amazing job at giving me the smile I've always wanted. She was kind and easy to work with throughout the process. It was definitely worth it!"

-Jessica K.

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